Responding to COVID-19

We have been facing a pandemic that has cost lives and tested so many of us.

Against Coronavirus stands the best of humanity, including countless young people who are keeping their communities safe and helping them to recover from the pandemic.

Our teams have been working flat out to adapt and respond to the pandemic so that we can support young people to turn the tide on the virus.

COVID-19 response

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Youth Power is responding.

We we are supporting young leaders to reclaim power over this pandemic in three ways.

Youth Power Stops the Spread. Supporting young people to influence their peers and communities en masse to change behaviour and stop the spread. Supporting young people to work with communities, governments and health workers to plan, prevent and respond to the pandemic. Supporting young people to fight the Misinformation Pandemic by policing fake news and sharing correct information to save lives. Supporting young people to collect insights on how communities are responding to and coping with COVID-19.

Opinion: “We cannot underestimate young people in the COVID-19 response”

Frontline Youth Organisations Supported. Youth-led organisations and movements are acting on an unprecedented scale to respond to COVID-19 in their communities. We are supporting these organisations with access to funding, training, resources, and connecting them to other youth organisations and development actors.

Recovering from COVID-19. Working with young people to build resilience and support the recovery of their communities through real time insights into the most harmful implications of the virus. Supporting people to overcome challenges to their livelihoods, education and sexual rights, the prospect of poverty, and to counter violence in communities. Supporting young people to keep solving the biggest issues of our day, from climate change, to youth employment, to gender equality, many of which will be made worse by COVID-19.

The existing problems that our young leaders have been fighting -like climate change, violence against women and girls and unemployment- will not go away, in fact many will be made worse because of Coronavirus. Many of our programmes have been adapted so that we can continue to support young people to confront these problems safely and in new ways.

We hope to combat this pandemic through community mobilisation just like we did with Ebola.

Fatmata, Sierra Leone

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We know that being stuck at home split off from one another can make you feel powerless and alone. But you are not. 

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Young people responding to Covid-19