Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and Nutrition among Adolescent Girls and Boys in Songwe and Mbeya regions. Adolescents aged 10 to 19 years old makes 23% of the Tanzanian population. This age group has immense potential to contribute to the development of the country. However, their potential is often not fully realised due to …

Kijana Wajibika SDG 16.7

Young people at the center of development. Kijana Wajibika SDG 16.7 is a programme that encourages young people to be at the centre of development and government processes to ensure they are driving accountability and responsiveness from the Government. Using our proven and successful youth-led, data-driven accountability model, which places young people at the centre …


Youth Unemployment The youth unemployment crisis has only been made worse by the pandemic, but we are working side by side with young people to tackle it. Every year Restless Development Zambia trains, mentors, nurtures and connects thousands of young people to solve problems and lead change in their communities. Some are social entrepreneurs, setting …


UPSHIFT empowers young people to identify challenges in their communities and create entrepreneurial solutions to address them.


Strengthening civil society organizations for the promotion of a safe and secure environment for children and young people.

Projects Overview

Restless Development Zambia is a nationally registered Non-Government Organization operating since 2003. Here is an overview of our projects.


O3 strengthens the implementation of comprehensive sexuality education as well as improving the outcomes sexual reproductive health and rights educations for adolescents.

Tikambe Youth Media

The Tikambe Youth Media, ”Let’s talk” programme, helps the young people have a voice, gain life skills, and attain an understanding of their sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR).

Restless Experts Offer

Do you want to make sure your organization, development programmes and policies are responsive to the needs of young people? Do you feel it’s important to harness the capacities of young people? If yes, then Restless Experts is what you need.

Community-led development project

The project aims at empowering women, men, and young people living in rural communities to become agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty.