Youth At Heart

Researching the availability of opportunity and engagement for young people living in Africa. We believe that young people are experts in their own experience. They have the energy, and professionalism to speak for themselves. That’s why we believe in youth-led research. This exciting two month participatory research project was executed by a group of 12 …

The Youth Fund: COVID-19 Action.

If you are a youth organisation taking action against COVID19, we want to support you. The Youth Fund is a new fund designed by young people to support youth action around the world. The succesful applicants will be selected by our Youth Compact Champions; a panel of young people with a wealth of experience. Funding …

Resilient Realities

Strengthening youth response and recovery for youth civil society. Resilient Realities is a youth-led research project that will explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth civil society around the world, and identify the kind of resourcing and support needed to strengthen the youth response and recovery. Resilient Realities will use an innovative methodology …

Tanzania Alumni Project

Young people are sharing their stories on how they have been able to reach their potentials and use their skills to make a sustainable living.

Tutimize Ahadi

Helping young people to monitor, inform and influence the Tanzanian government and other development actors, to make good on their commitments to achieve gender equality by 2030 (SDG5). Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in three regions Dodoma, Iringa, and Ruvuma.

Youth Stop AIDS

Youth-led campaigning, speaking out, taking creative action and engaging governments, global institutions and corporations to end AIDS by 2030.