Youth Against Misinformation

Posts recorded and reported

Misinformation around COVID-19 is causing real damage.

It is being called the parallel pandemic. That’s why we’re supporting young people to take on misinformation.

Fake cures and preventative treatments are putting people’s health at risk. Misconceptions and misinformation about contraction and transmission are aiding the spread. And conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus are stoking hatred and division.

This work will bring more peace and truth to worrying families and friends during this stressful and intense time.

Sara, a Youth against misinformation volunteer.

In partnership with the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), our Youth Against Misinformation group helps track and record evidence of misinformation to help analyse emerging trends and create a real-time picture of how fake news about COVID-19 is spreading.

Youth Against Misinformation is youth power in action.

Rosanne Palmer-White,

Our trained volunteers are also reporting these posts to social media platforms to have them removed and challenging their complicity in allowing this dangerous information to travel.

Read our action reports that have come from the Youth Against Misinformation programme.


How social media giants have failed to live up to their claims on the Coronavirus ‘infodemic’
PDF / 1.48 MB

Failure to Act

How tech giants continue to defy calls to rein in vaccine misinformation
PDF / 2.84 MB

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