Youth Participation in COVID-19 Governance

Championing youth-led accountability. The Youth Participation in COVID-19 governance is a youth-led accountability and governance project that facilitates a dialogue between Government, local authorities and young citizens so as to increase the transparency in decision making, amplify young people’s voice and help young citizens, local authorities and the government collaborate to fight COVID-19. Our Goals:

It’s Our Future Report

Building better education and work for young people in a post-pandemic world. Restless Development was asked to conduct a youth-led research, assembling the specific challenges and opportunities of young people. This report provides interesting and relevant insights on the perceptions of young people about their lives and the way COVID-19 has affected them.Their observations about …

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Hub Director – Uganda

Restless Development Uganda is looking for a Hub Director to take leadership of the hub, set strategic direction, build partnerships and drive performance across all Units in the hub.

Anakazi Leaders

We support young women and girls, by providing mentorship and internships to students from various universities and colleges in Zambia, in-order for them to gain career skills and access expert knowledge they will need for their future.

Youth Take the Lead Learning Document

A review of the lessons learnt from the ‘Youth Take the Lead’ programme, written by it’s participants. Youth Take the Lead is a 6 month exchange project led by Restless Development in partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC). It focuses on enhancing youth leadership across three Restless Development Hubs: Nepal, Tanzania and …