What accountability means to us.

Being accountable to young people, partners, communities and other people and groups with whom we work helps us to learn and adapt as an agency to be better.

Our approach to accountability is grounded in humility and an openness to learn. It is powered by two-way conversations between our agency and our networks of staff, community members, partners, and in particular young people that lead our work. We call this approach Dynamic Accountability and it follows these principles:

Radical transparency. We are open about how we achieve our results as well as the results themselves.

Two way information. We create channels between our agency and everyone involved in our work so that they can provide feedback.

Decision making. We use feedback and insights that we gather to inform the decisions we make as an agency.

In practice that means having honest conversations with volunteers about their experiences with us, which we collect during our annual volunteer survey; it means making sure communities are examiners and judges of our projects instead of treating them as subjects of evaluations; and it means publishing information about our processes and results under the scrutiny of independent bodies.

Your views help shape our work. We invite you to share your feedback, ideas and thoughts about Restless Development in areas where we are doing well or can do better.

Your feedback.

Independent reviews.

We are a member of Accountable Now, a cross-sector platform for civil society organisations (CSOs) that work internationally.

We are impressed with Restless Development’s commitment to dynamic accountability, and find its ways of working to be strong.

Accountable Now Review Panel

Every year, we report publicly on our economic, environmental and social performance to an independent review panel at Accountable Now.

Accountability Report

Read our latest Accountability report, which outlines the progress we have made so far and the lessons we have learned.
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Our collection of yearly reports are published on Accountable Now’s website.

We have signed the 12 Accountability Commitments of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability and seek to respect human rights, be independent and work ethically and professionally.

We also take part in the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to improve the transparency of aid, development, and humanitarian resources in order to increase their effectiveness in tackling poverty.

Youth-led accountability.

Through our work in youth-led accountability, we support young people to lead accountability, strengthen spaces for youth-led accountability and generate evidence and share best practice.

We’ve also launched a Global Consensus on Youth-Led Accountability, developed by a broad coalition with over 35 civil society organizations and a Youth Reference Group.

Key documents and policies.

Our commitment to accountability also means providing access to information about how we run our agency, which includes listing key policies and documents on our website.

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