Vijana Tunaweza: First Time Young Mothers Programme

Vijana Tunaweza is an initiative dedicated to supporting young mothers facing unique challenges in Tanzania. Young motherhood often brings stigma and hardships, affecting self-esteem and leading to risky livelihood choices. Our program aims to reduce vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, and gender-based violence through comprehensive support.

Key components of Vijana Tunaweza include:

  1. Mental and Psychosocial Support: We prioritize the well-being of young mothers by connecting them with health facilities and providing individual psychosocial sessions. This support helps them manage the stresses of early motherhood and navigate societal challenges.
  2. SRHR Training: Peer educators impart critical knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), focusing on family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention. This education support young mothers and youth to make informed choices about their reproductive health.
  3. Financial and Entrepreneurship Training: We equip young mothers with essential financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills. Participants receive vocational training and startup kits, fostering financial independence and paving the way for a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Through these interventions, Vijana Tunaweza strives to ensure young mothers, enhance their leadership capabilities, and provide them with the support structures necessary for their well-being and success. Together, we are building a community where every young mother can thrive, free from stigma and is confident enough to achieve their full potential.