Young Gamechangers Fund

For too long, young people have been left out of the decisions that affect them the most. 

The £4.5m Young Gamechangers Fund aims to tackle this! We searched for young activists, campaigners, disrupters, co-operators, and social entrepreneurs to lead youth-led social action across the UK, with two types of funding available:  

  • Funding for individuals  
  • Funding for groups or organisations with an annual income of less than £250,000 

We prioritised support for young activists who are committed to creating communities that are prosperous, safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive, healthy, and sustainable. In particular we wanted to support groups and communities that prioritise youth activism and shared power.

Young people are transforming their communities!

Learn more about our young gamechangers and their projects

The Young Gamechangers Fund is delivered by the Global Fund for Children and Restless Development, alongside the Co-op Foundation in partnership with Co-op and the #iwill Fund. In addition to funding, successful applicants will also get access to peer support networks, training and mentoring to help their vision come to life – putting young people at the heart of change. 

Young people have built this Fund from the ground up, co-designing branding and developing every aspect of the fund from the application process through to grant decisions. Find out more about our youth steering group.

The opportunities are endless, so let’s do things differently. Let’s build communities of the future together.  

Contact our delivery partner Global Fund for Children for more information.

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