Youth Stop AIDS

Youth-led campaigning, speaking out, taking creative action and engaging governments, global institutions and corporations to end AIDS by 2030.

Mabinti Tushike Hatamu (MTH)

Reducing the vulnerability of out of school adolescent girls to HIV and AIDS, unplanned pregnancy, gender-based violence, and child marriage by providing training on sexual health and rights, making livelihoods and reclaiming their agency and confidence.

Youth Think Tank

Training young people to conduct and lead research projects, collecting evidence, and documenting youth needs, challenges, and aspirations in seven African countries to influence livelihoods and employment policy.

The Development Alternative

Committed to testing and developing new ways of doing development that are truly led by young people and their communities because when communities lead, development succeeds.

Tusunge Lubono

Providing financial literacy training for girls and young women, in and out of school; increasing confidence and prospects and reducing HIV and financial insecurity.