Support Our Strategy 2022-2030: Restless Development Tanzania

We are unleashing the potential of young people as champions of development across Tanzania. Our strategy for 2022-2030 aims to catalyze significant change through youth leadership in key impact areas identified by our community.

Our Vision

By 2030, we envision 250,000 young Tanzanians stepping up into leadership roles, driving sustainable change within their communities. This ambitious goal aligns with Tanzania’s National Development Plan and contributes significantly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strategic Priorities

Our work is centered on four core priority areas:

  1. Education & Livelihood: Ensuring access to quality education, training, and sustainable livelihoods.
  2. Gender, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights: Advocating for youth-friendly services and policies that uphold sexual and reproductive health rights.
  3. Voice & Governance: Facilitating youth-led initiatives to hold decision-makers accountable and challenge restrictive systems.
  4. Climate Change: Equipping young people to address climate change impacts and participate in decision-making processes.

Approaches to Change

Restless Development Tanzania champions for youth-led change approach, where young people are not just beneficiaries but leaders in designing and implementing interventions. Our strategies include:

  • Peer-to-peer approach: Young leaders are identified and trained to deliver content, impart skills to their peers, generate evidence, and influence change. We strengthen the capacity of peer educators as facilitators of change.
  • Youth empowerment: Young people are provided with information, training, and skills development about topics affecting their lives.
  • Community mobilisation: Young people change behaviours and/or mobilise action in their communities to respond to challenges.
  • Youth-led accountability: Young people are empowered to advocate and hold decision-makers to account. We emphasise evidence-based rights claiming and capitalise upon all opportunities for emergent civic space.
  • Youth-led research: Young people generate evidence that captures key insights on issues that matter most to them and use it to inform policy and practice. 

Youth Collective

We operate as part of a collective committed to youth-led development, collaborating with allies to amplify our impact. Together, we accelerate progress towards the SDGs and Tanzania’s development plans by mobilizing resources and strengthening youth civil society organizations.

Restless Experts

Our expertise extends beyond direct implementation to advising governments, civil society, and donors on integrating youth perspectives into their strategies. We facilitate meaningful engagement through youth advisory panels, research partnerships, and capacity-building workshops.

Join Us in Transforming Tanzania

We invite new partners, government stakeholders, and donors to support our vision and invest in Tanzania’s future leaders. Together, we can ensure more young Tanzanians to drive lasting change, bridge development gaps, and create a more just and sustainable society.

For more information on how you can get involved or support our initiatives, please contact us via email: or explore our website:  

Restless Development Tanzania Hub Strategy 2022-2030

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