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“This is not what real leaders do”

“Right now, the world needs leadership to help us emerge from this pandemic – cutting lifesaving aid at such a crucial moment is not what real leaders do”, says Rosanne Palmer-White, Restless Development’s UK & Influencing Director.

Young People, Climate Disruption and Adaptation in Africa

Join this exciting event to hear the latest from youth climate activists and thought leaders on what we can do to take action on climate change in Africa. If you want to share in a discussion with activists, policy makers, business leaders and academics, and learn more about: Youth livelihoods, Green jobs, Future climate policies …

Periods During A Pandemic (UK Research)

Although there is increasing data on menstrual injustice in the UK, there has been almost no focus on the specific experiences of young people aged 18-35 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Restless Women: How Do We Achieve An Equal Future?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we brought together women from across the world at Restless Development to share how they’re leading gender equality in their day-to-day lives and discuss how we can all move towards an equal future. Donate to support us to achieve an equal future

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Run for #YouthPower! With the end of lockdown in sight, you might be thinking about where to travel next. How about exploring the UK’s capital city! You could be running through the closed streets of London, passing famous landmarks while bringing us closer to a world where young people have the power and agency to …

The Youth Stop AIDS Lockdown Sessions

A COVID-friendly alternative to our usual “Big Weekend” featuring workshops, special guests and a quiz night. Starting February 1, Youth Stop AIDS’ steering committee and campaigners are organising a series of informal, interactive sessions on global health, skills building and campaigning . What will the sessions cover? Monday 1st February, 5.30pm – 7pm (UTC) Option …