Open Letter to new Members of Parliament

On the 4th of July 2024, the UK held a General Election. As we welcome new MPs to the Houses of Parliament, we are urging them to put young people’s priorities on the political agenda. Let’s #WelcomeTheFuture together!

Dear Members of Parliament, 

We are Restless Development, a global non profit that supports the collective power of young leaders to create a better world. 

Half the world is under 30. More than ever the world needs youth power and leadership to solve its greatest challenges. 

Whether that’s the young people who mobilised to stop Ebola in its tracks in Sierra Leone; the youth bringing their knowledge of climate change into schools in Uganda; or the young leaders providing financial literacy training to their peers in Zambia, young people are changing the world.

Time and time again, young people have told us that issues including climate justice; receiving quality education; and being able to make a living in a cost of living crisis; are crucial to them being able to thrive, alongside the need for their voices not only to be heard, but to be listened to and acted upon. 

young people registered to vote at this year’s General Election in the UK.

Every single vote representing a young person’s hope and determination for a better future that prioritises the voices and needs of their generation. Only one in five children believe that their views are important to the adults that run the country and only 10% of teenagers believe they have the power to influence issues they care about.  

As you begin your new role in this Parliament, we urge you to stand with young people everywhere who are working together for a more just and sustainable world.

You can do that by:

  • Listening. Will you listen to young people, giving a clear sign that this Parliament will stand by their side and co-create a kinder, fairer and more inclusive future for all?
  • Partnering with young people. Everyone has a role to play in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Will you work in partnership with young people to realise a sustainable future for all?
  • Amplifying Youth Power. Will you use your voice to make sure young people are heard?

Young people stand ready to work with you. Let’s #WelcomeTheFuture together!

Here’s a message from our #youthchampions

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