Pay & Benefits

What we do for you

At Restless Development, we will equip you with the skills and opportunities that you need to unleash your potential and realise your goals. You will be supported to push boundaries, lead change and help achieve our vision.

Each year, we survey our staff. This is what they told us in 2019:

% of staff feel empowered to succeed in their role.
% of staff say they have grown significantly in their professional development

Here’s a taster of what we do for you:

Your Professional Growth

Hiring on Potential. We recruit on potential as we value your passion for the sector and desire to learn just as much as your experience. And from day one, you are supported and trained to take on responsibility and be a leader in our agency.

Global Exposure. You will play a vital role in our global agency, working with teams from other countries, or even possibly going on country support visits, internal audits or conferences to share your knowledge beyond your office desk.

Learning Culture. We encourage all of our people to grow and learn in their roles. For example, all staff globally have access to our Maarifa eLearning Platform to develop new skills and to support them in their role. In the UK, we step away from our day-to-day role and spend Friday afternoons learning from our colleagues and partners about exciting areas beyond our remit.

Time and Resources. We offer 7 days of study leave and support for your continued learning in the role.

Office-Wide Away Days. We run regular full-day skills boosting sessions for our people, giving you a chance to learn new things beyond your role and meet people from all our teams.

Your Development Goals. Your manager will regularly meet with you to talk about your progress towards your professional and personal goals as we ensure you have space, away from day-to-day pressures, to discuss your role and ambitions.

Fair & Transparent Pay

We pay staff based on their location and are committed to fair, equal salaries across our hubs. Our salary scale is calculated to ensure all staff on equivalent grades – from the UK to Uganda, from Sierra Leone to Nepal – receive a fair and comparable wage in line with their peers in other Restless Development locations. We are currently reviewing our global salary scale and this will be changed in the next financial year to remove the International/National role distinction in line with our global strategy, vision and commitment to our people. You can read more about why we are making this change.

Work-Life Balance Prioritised

Annual Leave. In all of our locations, our people are entitled to at least 24 days of annual leave, plus public holidays. For every new year with us, you will get an extra day of leave up to 28 days. What’s more, everyone is entitled to an extra day off on their birthday!

Enhanced Parenting Leave. We support expectant and new parents by offering an enhanced leave package.

More Leave. We support all of our people by providing 7 days study leave, compassionate, wedding and unpaid leave.

Time Off In Lieu. You would be granted time off in lieu if you ever were required to travel for work on weekends or work overtime.

Flexible Working. As part of our commitment to nurturing a healthy work life balance, our people can work from home and choose varied working hours.

Housing Allowance & Pension. Depending on your location, we offer housing allowances or contributions to your pension scheme.

Assistance Line. Our people have access to a 24 hour confidential employee assistance line to discuss personal and professional issues.

Relocation & Travel

For staff we relocate to do their role, we offer a competitive relocation package including:

A lump-sum relocation allowance to support you in relocating to your new place of work.

Out of country supplements for the duration of your time working in your new place of work.

Emergency medical and travel insurance when travelling abroad with work.

All the above is just a taster of what we offer globally, as benefits vary from country to country, depending on the needs of our people in each location.

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