Reproductive Rights Toolkit

Know your reproductive rights. In Zambia today, access to sexual and reproductive health information and services continues to be a problem among young people. Socio-cultural barriers prevent young Zambians from accessing guidance on avoiding pregnancy and making positive decisions about their sexual health. Through this toolkit we are sharing – in a youth-friendly manner- information …

Tusunge Lubono

Providing financial literacy training for girls and young women, in and out of school; increasing confidence and prospects and reducing HIV and financial insecurity.

Youth Power Solidarity Meetups

Over the past four months, as an expression of solidarity and youth power, the youth power panel have been bringing young people together from all over the world, to connect and share ideas around COVID-19. The idea is to support young people to meet with others around the world – others they wouldn’t typically have …

Young People Doing Something About It

A youth-led assessment on legal and safe abortion services in Zambia. A group of young researchers designed and carried out this research into legal and safe abortion services in Zambia. This report outlines their process, findings and recommendations.