Dynamic Accountability

Dynamic Accountability is our approach to being an accountable agency and transparently working with and learning from young people and partners in order to increase our impact.

By turning our agency inside out and bringing more voices in, we believe this will lead to even greater impact for the young people, communities, partners and governments we work with. It will also increase the trust that others have in our agency and work, reinforcing the relationships and collaboration that drives our collective success.

“Going beyond transparency for the sake of transparency, Dynamic Accountability becomes a two-way exchange of information. The act of being transparent brings more voices into the leadership, governance and management of our agency, ultimately making our work better.” 
Perry Maddox, COO, Restless Development speaking to Sophie Edwards from Devex

Read the full article '6 tips for taking transparency to the next level' on Devex here. (If you're not a member you will to create a free account to access the article.)


Dynamic Accountability Cycle


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