Youth Power

Youth Power is the answer to the world’s biggest problems

The Global Goals, adopted in 2015, are a promise to end poverty, reduce inequality, and combat climate change. But at the current rate of progress they will not be achieved by 2030.

Young people stand ready, and united, to make the Global Goals a reality. 

Collective action from young people is already changing things for the better, like the youth-led school strikes on climate change. Young people are fighting FOR fairness, justice, and the environment. They are fighting AGAINST inequality, persecution and climate change.

The Youth Power campaign will help bring youth activists together, providing technical advocacy and campaigning support, establishing systems of learning and collaboration as well as funding, resourcing and amplifying grass-roots youth-led campaigns all over the world.

Global Solidarity

The Youth Power Panel are hosting regular Youth Power Solidarity Meetups. In these calls young people have shared their thoughts and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and looked at issues including inter-generational collaboration and building back better. We would love to hear from you at our next call!

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The Youth Power Panel

The Youth Power panel is a 12-strong panel and comes from all over the world. They will be instrumental in organising the biggest youth generation in history to make the world a better place. They will support and connect local grassroots campaigns with funding; amplify youth actions that are creating change; developing tools to help young people everywhere track the goals and hold their leaders to account for their delivery.

#YouthPower Global solidarity in COVID-19

The panel host a series of vlogs exploring the impact of COVID19 around the world and the amazing youth-led initiatives tackling the pandemic.

Abideen Olasupo is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Know-COVID-19 Nigeria, a platform and social media campaign sharing accurate information on COVID-19. He has also been working with CIVICUS to support 30 new projects who have been given $30,000 USD for their SDG related start ups. Abideen is passionate about localizing and inter-sectionalising the SDGs.

Amika is a student at Cambridge University, who started the Free Periods campaign to end period poverty in the UK. Her campaign successfully persuaded the UK government to pledge funds to provide free menstrual products in all English schools and colleges from early 2020. She has launched the next phase of Free Periods, raising funds for a legal campaign to ensure that every child worldwide has equal access to education, uninhibited by their period.

Bruna is an architect and programme manager at the Lebanese network of the United Nations Global Compact, a network of businesses committed to advancing Sustainability and achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She also works as a consultant, delivering leadership and sustainability trainings to leading international organizations.

Andrew works in monitoring and evaluation with Local Youth Corner (LOYOC) Cameroon where he has designed, implemented and evaluated over 100 youth development projects on peace, counter extremism, governance, accountability, rehabilitation, and education. During COVID-19, he has been supporting his team at LOYOC to covert part of their offices to make and distribute UN approved hand sanitizers to communities that lack access to clean water.

Inés is a sustainability activist, specializing in the themes of plastic pollution and communications. She is one of the founders of Ensemble pour TECHO, an organization seeking to eradicate poverty in South America and leads on communications for a program at MakeSenseTV called “La Social cup” helping young innovators advance their projects with social and environmental impact. She combines her studies, volunteering and job to continue learning, sharing and acting towards a more sustainable future.

Donya is the youngest Board Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Action Fund working with different departments to ensure that youth are being represented, included, and meaningfully She is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment, gender equality, and racial equity and has been working for over a decade to ensure the rights of young people, women, and marginalized communities to reproductive health services, and representation.

While in her third year of university, Ria started a documentary project on acid attacks in India which opened her eyes to the harsh reality of being an acid attack survivor. She decided to abandon the documentary and instead started Make Love Not Scars (MLNS), a holistic organization rehabilitating acid-attack survivors in India. Its first campaign #EndAcidSale,  featuring Reshma, an acid attack survivor sharing beauty tips in a satirical video series won the Cannes Gold Lion in film in 2016.

Ruth is a Young African Leaders Initiative Fellow and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is passionate about community-led development. With five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, she’s helped improve the academic performance of thousands of marginalized girls, transitioning them into secondary and tertiary institutions and equipping them with life skills.

Dexter is a sustainable health & business professional with a Doctor of Medicine at the Ateneo de Manila University. With over 9 years of experience working in civil society organizations, the private sector and government, he advocates for better healthcare and wellbeing and currently serves as the Phillipines National Director for the Global Goals and SDG3.

Jevanic is a community activist who representing his country of St Lucia at the Regional Youth Climate Change Conference in Jamaica in 2017. Jevanic, along with fellow attendees formulated the Youth Climate Change Activists (YCCA) movement which seeks to raise climate change awareness and action throughout the region.

Natalie is the founder of Msichana Empowerment Kuria, a women-led community based organization supporting vulnerable girls through safe spaces, mentorship & skills workshops. Natalie has been a girls and women’s rights activist for over 8 years, running community dialogues, public rallies, and marches to raise awareness of and end violence & discrimination against girls.

Rosario is the founder of The Millennials Movement, a youth led organisation that promotes sustainable development. She is also UN Major Group of Children and Youth Focal LAC Regional Caucus Coordinator. She is a specialist in SDGs and Sustainable Development Plans and youth policies for Sustainable Development.

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