Join the big conversation on education and work

Today Restless Development is launching one of the biggest global conversations on how education can better support young people’s working lives.

Young people’s career aspirations and working lives are often decided by their education. But not all education is equipping young people in the right way. 

Take part, be heard and rewire the future of education and work.

Join the big conversation on education and work

How can education support your future aspirations?

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The conversation is part of RewirEd Talks and is one step of many building up to the RewirEd Summit in December 2021 – a global summit on the future of education.

Youth research

A team of 10 young researchers from around the world will analyse the findings from the conversation and use them to raise awareness about the real barriers young people face between education and work.

The youth researchers will launch a report in July with findings and recommendations that will guide discussions at the RewirEd Summit in December 2021, where hundreds of young people will connect with decision-makers and policy-makers to collectively explore entirely new approaches to tackle education challenges.

Rewire education. Rewire the future of work.

The employment crisis facing half the world’s population can’t be ignored and won’t be solved by business as usual. In the next decade, the World Bank estimates one billion young people will enter the labour market with only 400 million expected to find work if things remain unchanged. 

On top of this, a major target to reduce youth unemployment set out in the Global Goals has already been missed.

Whilst the Covid pandemic has deepened global inequities around education and skills, we also need to recognise the unprecedented opportunity for transformation in education.

If young people can rewire their education, they can rewire the future to make sure the working world works for them. 

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