Tikambe Youth Media

With an ever growing, sexually active youth population, it is important that conversations relating to sexual reproductive health are had with the young people in society. However, finding someone to talk to about sex, or accessing a youth-friendly sexual health service provider in Zambia is not easy. This can make it hard for young people to prevent unplanned pregnancies or protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Encouraging sexual reproductive health talks among young people is the key to improving their livelihood. Funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Tikambe Youth Media, ”Let’s talk” programme, helps the young people have a voice, gain life skills, and attain an understanding of their sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR).

Tikambe Youth Media is a joint project by BBC Media Action and Restless Development Zambia using TV, radio, and online media to help young people look after their sexual health and improve their knowledge of their reproductive rights.

The programme is opening my eyes. I am now able to walk into a hospital and collect free condoms.

Restless Development Youth Volunteer

We provide a platform for young girls and boys to access youth-friendly (SRHR) services and information, voice out their issues related to (SRHR) and empower them to demand accountability from decision makers.

The platform goes further by helping young people lead conversations in relation to (SRHR) enabling them to pass on what they have learnt, creating a chain of education and opportunity. This has helped make young people less vulnerable to sexual reproductive health risks.