Restless Experts Offer

Are you interested in the power of young people?

Do you want to make sure your organization, development programmes and policies are responsive to the needs of young people? Do you think it’s important to harness the capacities of young people?

If yes, then Restless Experts is what you need.

We are now offering consultancy services to international and local non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and development partners such as the United Nations Agencies and bilateral donors, government partners and the private sector. Through these consultancy services we offer innovative solutions from our experts.

We have been working in Zambia since 2004 and pride ourselves as the “go-to” agency regarding young people. We bring together Restless Experts, available for hire as consultants and our experts drawn from a range of fields in the development sector. Through them, we provide services of the highest professional standards. Our Restless Experts provide quality advice and solutions to the needs of clients with interests in the youth sector.

What we provide to our clients:

  • Assistance in designing work or programming based on our experience and extensive track record. We have years of experience in the development sector in engaging with young people. To us quality is imperative.
  • Expertise in engaging with young people, to have them lead or meaningfully participate in the development and or improvement of programmes, etc. We organize and facilitate for our clients consultations with young people for the purposes of drawing on their opinions, perspectives and recommendations. These can be used to design or improve development programmes.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals: Our Restless Experts are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds – from community level mobilisers and facilitators; professional research specialists; monitoring and evaluation to senior and highly experienced development programming people.
  • High Quality Work: The expertise and experience of our Restless Experts pool allows maintain our high quality standards, and helps us deliver our work using robust methods. Through this we provide professionals with specific industry, sector or subject knowledge/experience.
  • Industry Practices: When a client appoints one of our Restless Experts to undertake an assignment,
    • We are completely committed to the success of the project for the entire lifecycle.
    • We provide oversight of all work performed and are responsible for the quality of delivered work.
    • We believe in feedback. Throughout the lifecycle of your assignment and when the job is done, we’ll make sure we keep the communication open.

Consulting Services:

  • Technical Assistance: Our Restless Experts are available for short-term hire to provide cross-sectorial technical assistance to achieve outcomes using appreciative, evidence-based methods for Meaningful Youth Engagement, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, and Program Implementation. [Restless Development has supported DANIDA to develop their youth engagement global strategy]
  • Facilitating Training and Capacity Strengthening Activities: Using our interactive non-formal training methodologies, grounded in our core values of diversity and inclusion, we help clients and partners with training on topics such as meaningful youth engagement, participatory programme implementation, youth-responsive programming – to build internal capacities or the capacity of sub-grantees and local partners.
    [Restless Development has facilitated the training of USAID sub-grantees of the DREAMS project in meaningful youth engagement]
  • Youth-Led Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research: We facilitate capacity building and skills development to youth and support them in conducting research and analysis. Our methodology uses a standardized training curriculum and process, which includes developing a shared understanding of key priorities, the role of youth in development, gathering data, and analysis, forming recommendations. The process culminates into compiling a report sharing and amplifying on youth perspectives and recommendations on the identified key issues.
  • Capacity building for youth-led organizations: We have expertize in developing capacities of small and midsized youth –led organisations in organizational management in key areas such as building/setting up Monitoring & Evaluation systems, finance and administration systems, fundraising and partnerships, volunteer management, organizational governance and strategy development. [Restless Development has trained 30 youth-led organizations of the under our Collective Power Project running in Central and Lusaka Provinces]

Who are our Restless Experts?

As Restless Development we are honored and privileged to have amidst our associates, an ever-growing network of development experts and enthusiasts who are very passionate about our mission and are willing to share their expertise and skills to help us achieve our set aspirations.

After their initial interaction with Restless Development as staff and volunteer, many of our associates have progressed to gain impressive professional skills and experience in different aspects of development; training, research and evaluations, organizational and individual development as well as other specializations in the non-profit, private and public sectors.

Recognizing this, we have established a network for Restless Experts – highly experienced professionals; leaders & consultants available for hire to for hire to the general public for purpose of leading special short-term projects on our behalf. These professionals offer professional expertise, experiences, skills and ideas further championing our work in the youth sector.

Through this diverse and inspirational collection of seasoned professionals and experts, our offer to the youth sector has broadened. It has also ensured that the high quality work, ethic and attitude that we are best known for is more readily available. We are now able to undertake special assignments or support projects outside the confines of our long term programmes directly young people in communities.

In addition to the above, through our Restless Experts, we provide access to our extensive network of partners and like-minded organisations including government, communities and subject matter experts to support clients’ project.

Are you interested in the services offered by our Restless Experts?

Reach out us and we can talk more about project and how we can assist in making it happen.

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