STEM for Girls

Teaching Life, Career, Gender, Digital Literacy and Coding skills for girls.

At Restless Development India, we want to ensure that women and girls have the same opportunities in life as their male counterparts. That’s why we work together with Quest Alliance to  provide supplementary education programmes in 30 schools across Odisha. 

Our programmes are carried out in selected Government Girls Secondary Schools and give girls the skills and confidence they need to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We have a holistic approach pairing training in digital literacy and coding with sessions on life skills, gender issues and careers. 

Participants in our programme are encouraged to think consciously about the careers they wish to pursue and to start taking steps towards their goals. They create career cards and scratch projects, and are supported to attend career day events. 

We recruit qualified facilitators that support schools to implement the curriculum ensuring adequate time and resources are provided, and milestones met. We monitor and evaluate the implementation of the programme across districts, blocks and clusters. 

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