Climate Change & Youth Aspirations

Exploring the impact of Climate Change on Youth Work and Aspirations.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues affecting our world – and will be a major issue that young people will have to contend with in their future. The effects of climate change are most likely to hit hardest in sub-Saharan Africa where youth populations are already large and only projected to grow.  So, we cannot discuss the future of youth work and of the communities they live in without discussing climate change. 

We are in the time of peak youth and there is no better time to engage young people than now and whatever happens has a direct impact on the wellbeing of young people. Therefore, we need to investigate the quality of lives of young people, taking into consideration the things that impact their livelihoods. 

This new study is looking at how climate change impacts the lives of young people. What are young people doing to mitigate the effects of climate change upon their lives and their communities? We are also looking at how young people can be helped to overcome this challenge.  

How are we working with young people?

We are an agency that ensures youth leadership in our work and in this project we are employing our youth-led research approach where the young people are supported to lead the implementation of our work. In addition, young people were consulted while developing research tools and they will be trained to lead the data collection, analysis and reporting phase of the research. 

This research will take place in Karamoja and Jinja, Uganda, and is in partnership with Makerere University, Uganda and Cambridge university, UK. 

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