Bosco, a young farmer, in Uganda.

Living Innovation Research

What does success look like? Supporting young people to reach their living aspirations.

What are the livelihood aspirations of young people in Uganda? What is getting in their way?

Through our peer to peer research approach, we were able to ask young people directly about their experiences and aspirations around livelihoods. We intend to use these findings for future Living programme design. We will also use them to inform others of how they too can provide the support that young people say they need.

5 years from now, success would be when
I build my own house, and I am able to
educate my children and provide them with
basic needs.

a young person living in Uganda

In this report we outline our findings to the key questions: What challenges do they face? What have they already done creatively solve them? What are their hopes for the future? How can we help them get there?

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