Powering Up Our Collective Resilience 

How can we build sisterhood and solidarity to re-energize the advancement of gender equality? 

Our 2023 State of the Youth Civil Society Research Report: Young Feminist and Fearless Holding the Line found that young feminists are holding the line and advocating for gender equality in difficult contexts. and they are resilient. Join us in a solidarity space and hear inspiring stories from women across the world at Restless Development who are holding the line in advancing gender equality in their day-to-day lives.

From activism for equal rights for women in challenging circumstances to advocating for inclusion in sexual reproductive services to being radical and prioritising collective care and wellbeing and disrupting traditional models of leadership. Restless Women will share how we can achieve an equal world together through solidarity and sisterhood. 

We want to:

  1. Host a safe space for a gathering of young women in their diversity to learn and share, strategize to re-energise and build solidarity towards our collective efforts to advance Gender Equality. 
  2. Celebrate and elevate young women creating change in their communities, and showcasing Youth Power in advancing Gender Equality. 
  3. Bring our supporters and networks closer to our work as a build-up from the State of The Youth Civil Society Report: Young Feminist and Fearless Holding the Line on building resilient movements for engagement and further meetings and asks. 
  4. Offer a Youth Collective Feminist Network space and build a community to connect meaningfully.

Virtual Event: Powering Up Our Collective Resilience 

Thursday, 14 March 2024, 2:00 – 3:15 PM CAT, On Zoom



Yasmina Benslimane

Yasmina is an award-winning feminist activist, consultant, and women’s empowerment coach dedicated to advancing gender equality and promoting women’s rights. As the founder of Politics4Her, she advocates for increased political participation and representation for young women and girls. She focuses on climate justice, forced migration, gender-based violence, and peacebuilding. Yasmina has been featured on international platforms such as HuffPost, Al Jazeera, BBC, and more. She has spoken at prestigious institutions, including the United Nations. Yasmina’s achievements include Forbes 30 Under 30, MADRE Champion, BBC 100 most influential and inspiring women of 2023, and recognition as a UN Women Peace-builder in the Arab States. 

Peace Monica Pimer

Peace Monica is a Ugandan social entrepreneur, named among 40 under 40 elite, inspirational Ugandans 2019 and 2020 by ‘The New Vision’ and is recognised by the United Nations Population Fund as an advocate for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights 2019. Peace is the founder and Executive Director of Nile Girls Forum, a girl-led organisation focusing on elevating resilient adolescent girls and young women with an emphasis on leadership, sexual reproductive health rights, and livelihood.

Chanda Chisenga Nkhoma

Chanda is the Director of Restless Development Zambia and has 18 years of experience implementing meaningful youth engagement programmes. In her role within the global leadership team, Chanda is a key figure in defining the strategic direction and vision of Restless Development. As the leader of the Zambia Hub, she manages strategic operations, leading a diverse team of 50 staff members, coordinating 300 volunteers, and engaging an extensive network of over 500 alumni. Her leadership is pivotal in integrating youth-led engagement principles throughout the organisation. Chanda’s dynamic approach to leadership and hands-on advocacy efforts have made significant strides in promoting youth-led development within local governments.

Maya Juracán

Maya Juracán is a Curator and activist. who uses art as a tool to change traditional historical narratives.She founded “Proyecto 44” in 2011, which evolved into the “Bienal en Resistencia,” a street-based biennial in Guatemala.She has co-curated “21 Paiz Art Biennial”  and has co-created a collective of feminist curators “La Revuelta” which theorizes and practices feminist curating. She is an allied curator of Casa de la Memoria and has participated as an author in various books and is currently a professor of Contemporary Art History at the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala.

Helen Lungu

Helen is the Co-founder of HEBUCH Consultancy Firm and is a gender consultant. She has researched on several gender areas such as Gender machinery, Gender Equality and Inclusion self-assessment (GEISA), Gender Youth and Social Inclusion (GYSA), and Gender Rapid Assessments in different settings. She has worked in International and local organizations as a gender specialist for over 20 years. She is a trainer on Gender transformation and a women’s rights activist. She has presented papers on gender on different forums such as AU on harmful practices and child marriage.


Jimena Cascante Matamoros

Jimena has a M.Sc. in Transnational, Cultural and Community Studies and is the Senior Youth Collective Coordinator at Restless Development.

Chimbu Chinda

Chimbu is the Youth power coordinator at Restless Development, leading the Youth Stop AIDS campaign as well as UK-wide work with Young activists. Passionate about equipping young people with the skills and resources to tackle global issues surrounding health equity, HIV, Digital health and health education through advocacy and campaigning.

Virtual Event: Powering Up Our Collective Resilience 

Thursday, 14 March 2024, 2:00 – 3:15 PM CAT, On Zoom