Young People Worldwide Share Actions For Tackling COVID-19

There are countless stories of young people organising to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities through the consequences.

On Wednesday, during our global Youth Power Solidarity Meetup, young people from all around the world shared their stories.

From Saad in Morocco who is making videos for young people to learn about COVID-19 and Shishu in India who is delivering cooked meals to vulnerable households to Christianne providing sanitary products to refugee centres in the UK and Blessing who is supporting HIV positive adolescents to continue receiving their treatments. It is clear that young people are leading the way and reclaiming power over this pandemic.

The Meetup, which marked Earth Day, was hosted in collaboration with Amika George, Ines Yabar, Abideen Olasupo, Bruna Elias from our Youth Power Panel.

Here’s a snapshot of what was said: 

I’m the coordinator for IFMSA, coordinating medical students from 129 countries to share resources, including a library of materials from WHO and the CDC and to write the scripts and record the videos in a #YouthAgainstCovid19 video campaign series.

Saad, Morocco

I’m working with young people, community organisations and the government administration in Ranchi to distribute meals to day wage labourers and am hosting Mental health zoom classes for my peers online.

Shishu, India

In Swazi, we engaged the ministry of health, UNHCR, the committee of COVID-19 online, and now young people living positively with HIV are able to access their SRHR services and monthly treatments.

Simelani, Lesotho

I’m working with a telecoms company to have a toll free number for accessing information about COVID-19 and am also doing art to take my mind off the situation.

Mercy, Malawi

I’m the chair of a student group that’s providing sanitary products to refugee centers and have been calling on the UK government to continue to provide menstrual products to students during the pandemic.

Christianne, UK

“I’m taking information from online sources and sharing them offline with youth networks in my community.”

Dharm, India

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