Young people worldwide share COVID-19 impacts

While much of the world is isolated it is clear that young people everywhere are looking to connect.

750 people registered from more than 50 different countries for a Youth Power Solidarity Meet Up on Zoom to share how covid19 is impacting them.

The meet-up, which marked World Health Day on Tuesday 7th April, was hosted in collaboration with the Youth Power Panel.  

It was an entirely youth-led discussion facilitated by four of our Youth Power Panelists with lots of great conversation and amazing stories shared.

Here’s a snapshot of what was said:

Most of our communities will struggle to isolate because they cannot afford it.

Tipay, Tanzania

Police have been shooting people not following the directives.

Jacob, Ghana

COVID-19 is becoming a religious issues in India, with blame being directed towards Muslim communities for causing the pandemic in the country.

Zara, India

COVID-19 has massively affected our economy , but connectivity amongst young people gives us hope that things will get better.

Syed, Pakistan

Here it’s mostly hand to mouth living, so we can’t do a complete lock-down because of people’s basic needs.

Franco, Zambia

We’re campaigning to connect young people with doctors for consultations to help disseminate authentic information.

Bishal, Nepal

I’m unable to hand out information about HIV and AIDS in Zambia as everyone is having to stay at home.

Moses, Zambia

If you work in a market you can work but only if you don’t go home and also sleep at the market or in the factory for 14 days and people who break rules, which largely seems to be through lack of understanding of them as they haven’t been very clear, have even been shot.

Christa, Uganda

I’m raising funds in my community to give out 200 COVID-19 prevention kits to vulnerable houses.

Balquiz, Nigeria

*Full names have been withheld to protect identities.

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