Vijana Twaweza (Skills For Employment – SET) is nine-month training programme focused on value chain development and poultry farming with the objective of increasing employment opportunities for 200 young people (per region) in both n the Iringa Municipal Council and Ifakara Town Council, (male and female) with a particular emphasis on young mothers and young women (aged 15 to 24).

We aim to equip them with comprehensive skills and knowledge essential to successfully establishing and managing poultry enterprises. The training programme will encompass theoretical and practical modules covering various aspects of poultry farming, including breed selection, housing, nutrition, health management, and biosecurity.

This integrated training concept aims to create a cohort of skilled and knowledgeable young entrepreneurs capable of contributing to the development of a robust and sustainable poultry value chain.

In addition, young people will receive training on the nuances of the poultry value chain, with a focus on market linkages, product processing, and effective marketing strategies. The theory and practical sessions will deliver knowledge to equip young people with hands-on experience in poultry farm management, value addition, and sustainable practices.

The trainings will foster an understanding of the entire poultry farming value chain and promote a holistic approach to entrepreneurship in the poultry sector.

This Project is funded and in partnership with Swiss Contact Tanzania