PAHAL – The Initiative – Jharkhand

Empowering Change: Pahal – For Gender Equity and Child Rights

Pahal is a transformative initiative combating child rights violations, particularly child marriage and gender discrimination. Working with stakeholders, Pahal aims to improve access to education, prevent child marriages, and empower young leaders to address challenges in Jharkhand.

With a dedicated focus on the youth, the project aims to reach 2,919 children (aged 10-17 years), empowering them to be the architects of positive change in their communities. Simultaneously, Pahal endeavours to engage 2,500 parents, nurturing a supportive environment for children’s education.

Recognizing the crucial role of educators, the initiative targets 26 teachers, fostering a network of knowledge and guidance. Moreover, 30 frontline workers and PRI members are enlisted to collaborate in preventing child rights violations.