AU-EU Youth Voices Lab

AU-EU Youth Voices Lab – Power of the Collective aims to support young people aged 15 to 35, especially those in hard-to-reach areas, alongside civil society groups and decision-makers from the African Union (AU), European Union (EU), governments, and the private sector. Together, we aim to foster equal partnerships and create conditions that address the needs and priorities of younger generations.

Our approach combines digital engagement tools like the Youth Voices Lab App and webinars with on-the-ground activities such as training sessions, coalition meetings, and advocacy efforts. Through the Youth Voices Third-Party-Funding Mechanism (YV-TPFM), we will support youth-led groups to drive impactful projects in research, advocacy, and accountability.

We are shaping a future where young people are integral to policy-making and partnership-building at local, national, continental, and cross-continental levels. Together, we envision a society where enhanced youth engagement leads to inclusive decision-making and sustainable change.