Feminist Futures: Shaping the Future of Youth Power

Feminist Futures is a collective giving circle of passionate individuals who celebrate and amplify the power of young changemakers, particularly women and girls, who are facing today’s global rollback on women’s rights and fighting for climate justice, education and social justice in over 185 countries.

By joining Feminist Futures and investing in Restless Development’s work, you will have opportunities to learn from our young leaders and understand what is needed to keep feminist movements funded and flexible.

We empower young women and girls who are leading change in their own communities by shifting power, giving resources and trust to the young people who are facing today’s complex challenges.

If I get an education I might get a job and even start a business. I could secure a future for myself and also help others.


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By joining Feminist Futures you will help us amplify youth power everywhere we work and elevate young women to lead initiatives like:

  • We Lead: Improving the reproductive health and rights of young women across nine countries in Africa, Central America and the MENA region. 
  • Young, Feminist, and Fearless: Holding The Line: Research that highlights the state of young feminist movements globally, the mental health toll on young feminists and the need to advocate for more unrestricted funding that takes into account self-care and safety initiatives.
  • The Children’s Futures Project: We work with communities and parents to address negative social norms that perpetuate child marriage as well as the risks including maternal death and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Walking the Talk: Led by a consortium of 4 organisations across the UK and EU, this programme aims to boost the adoption of Feminist Foreign Policies (FFP) and gender equality in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the European Union.

Join the Circle and become a part of a new era of collective giving and participate in advancing youth empowerment by making a meaningful contribution today.


  • All members receive Access to inclusive network that creates opportunities to fund real change
  • $500 + : Monthly updates from our Hubs and meaningful actions you can take to support our work
  • $2,500 + : Invitations to in-person events and quarterly virtual dialogues with our young leaders
  • $5k -10k + : Opportunity to visit one of our Hub programs