The Big Idea: Asia 

This 90 minute session brought together young people from Asia to ideate a strategy that could make world leaders sit up and listen on the climate and education crisis. The Big Idea event was a fantastic place to connect with other Asians who are as passionate as me about climate education and youth-led transformation. It …

The Big Idea: Africa

Young people from all across Africa came together to connect and share ideas on changemaking and how to get decision makers to sit up, listen and take action on Climate and Education issues. Our discussions focused on three key topics: Key points raised by young people during the conversation were: The group had the opportunity …

Youth Power in a Pandemic: Launch

We are launching the latest State of Youth Civil Society report – Youth Power in a Pandemic.  The State of Youth Civil Society report is a global, youth-led publication that looks back over the past year and forward into the next to explore the realities that youth civil society and social movements are experiencing.  To …

Our CSW Event

On 17th March 2022, we held our CSW66 panel event on Young Feminist Aspirations for COP & Climate Justice. Climate change affects young women and girls disproportionately and young feminists are leading the way to change. Young feminists are not calling for technocratic market-based solutions at COP. Instead, we demand intersectional and radical systems change …

Unlock the Future

In the week that global leaders gather for the opening of the UN General Assembly, join this high-level virtual event on Wednesday 22nd September that marks the beginning of a coalition of youth organisations and UN agencies.

Buscador de donantes

En este próximo Diálogo con Donantes, presentaremos la herramienta del Buscador de Donantes y discutiremos sobre la importancia de que este tipo de información sea más accesible para la sociedad civil.

Donor Finder

Join us to learn more about how the CIVICUS Donor Finder tool can help you access funding opportunities, and how tools like this can support a well resourced and thriving youth civil society.