Restless Development Zambia Localised Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Unlocking the Potential of Youth-led Development through Youth Leadership

The world has changed, Youth Power has changed and Restless Development has changed. Our new localised strategy recognises this, and sets out a path to support Youth Power in creating a better Zambia.

Through Meaningful Youth Engagement and youth-led change, the Youth Collective, Gender Transformative, Community-Led Action and Intervention and our Restless Experts model we will support Youth Power in creating a better world, and shifting power.

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For us, youth-led development means unleashing the leadership of young people as assets towards solving Zambia’s challenges.

Our work aligns to the country’s Vision 2030 and the 8th National Development Plan (8NDP), which also positions the “peak youth” generation as vital to achieving the country’s priority plans and Sustainable Development Goals.