Child Justice Week Statement – Restless Development Zambia

Restless Development Zambia Statement on Child Justice Week

We are thrilled to join the nationwide commemoration of Child Justice Week under the theme, “Collaborative Implementation of the Children’s Code Act: Transforming Child Justice in Zambia.” This event provides us with a critical platform to reflect on our collective commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of every child in Zambia.

Restless Development Zambia is proud to have actively participated in this week-long initiative, contributing our unwavering support to enhance the implementation of the Children’s Code Act. We have presented compelling evidence gathered from our programs, including valuable insights derived from youth-led research and position papers on various issues that impact the lives of young people in Zambia. Our focus areas have spanned from addressing teen pregnancy, promoting youth participation, ensuring access to reproductive health rights and services, to many other vital aspects of child justice.

Our focus has spanned from addressing adolescent pregnancies , promoting child participation, ensuring access to child friendly sexual reproductive health and services

Our engagement has extended beyond the realm of research and advocacy. We have collaborated with diverse stakeholders, fostering discussions and initiatives aimed at effectively enforcing the Children’s Code Act. The power of these collective efforts cannot be underestimated. It is only through this collaboration that we can truly transform child justice in Zambia.

As we reflect on the progress made and the challenges that still lie ahead, we invite all individuals, organizations, and policymakers to take action. We must all commit to strengthening the protection and empowerment of our children and young people. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that every child in Zambia can live free from fear and discrimination, with their rights upheld and their voices heard.

In this spirit of unity, let us work together to create a Zambia where the rights of children are not only enshrined in the Children’s Code Act but are also a living reality. Join us in championing the cause of child justice and actively participate in building a brighter future for our nation’s youth.