Young people as changemakers on climate and health

Bridging the Climate change research gap through youth-led research in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is on the frontline of dramatic climate change impacts. Equipping its communities with an understanding of climate change-related risks, causes, and strategies for adaptation is now more crucial than ever. However, research on climate change in the country is limited, leaving a huge gap between the community’s existing knowledge and the harsh reality. 

The Youth Climate Changemakers project addressed this gap through “Young People as Changemakers on Issues of Climate and Health”, a youth-led research initiative. 20 young researchers collected evidence and influenced community-driven approaches to tackling climate change-related impacts on health in Zimbabwe. The study highlights the effectiveness of the youth leadership model, the potential for youth-led research and advocacy to drive communities’ approaches to climate change and its impact on health.

Our hope is that through this research, more people can rise up and take action to adapt and mitigate climate
change effects.

Namandla Naledi Mpunganyi

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