Restless Development Youth Hack 2021.

Youth Hack 2021.

Restless Development Zambia has today launched its first ever Youth Hack. Following Covid-19 guidelines, 35 young people and 9 Civil Society Official representatives hailing from 10 provinces in the country, representing different communities and minority groups met at the Mika Convention Centre in Lusaka, Zambia. 

I was inspired to see young people come up with ideas and solutions to solve challenges young people face in Zambia.

Serah Mainza Youth-Hack Participant.

During the hack, the participants shared local stories, experiences and problems close to home, defined their governance challenges and innovated solutions using meaningful engagement.

The youth hack provided a platform for us to present our ideas. The passion from young people to solve many issues was inspiring.

Youth-Hack participant.

The innovative solutions formulated are centred around young people’s priorities and needs, awareness of young people’s rights, leadership engagement with young people, and youth participation in electoral and democratic processes.

The youth-hack provided a platform for young people to develop solutions to their own challenges.

Kennedy Chileshe Youth-Hack Participant.