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On 28th June 2021, Restless Development will be launching an online crash course to help activists learn and improve their gender advocacy.

The online course, called Feminist Action Lab: Growing Our Intergenerational Power, will help young people learn in depth about feminism and gender advocacy, learning from the perspective of different generations across the globe.

If you are young feminist passionate about advancing gender equality in your community, or you know someone that is, sign up to be the first to know when the course is live. The course is free to anyone.

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The learnings, dialogue, and resources will be useful for those who want to lead advocacy in their communities – whether or not they have previous experience.

What the course is about.

Building on years of learning, adaptation and action, this course aims to support young leaders across the world to learn approaches, and access the tools needed, to lead and deliver a world whereby women and girls have equal rights and opportunities. 

The course will be include seven modules.

Why this course.

Through strategy and action-planning support, video dialogues, a library of case studies, this course aims to be an accessible and inspiring way for young feminists and youth community-based organizations to build new skills.

The course will have a special focus on how to amplify engagement at the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) to drive national commitments on gender equality.

Interested to learn more?

In collaboration with young people, girls, UN agencies, and Civil Society Organisations, Restless Development co-created The Youth Journey – a roadmap for Generation Equality. Visit this page to learn more about the Youth Journey.

Have questions for us? Write to us at actionlabhelpdesk@restlessdevelopment.org and we’ll get back to you.

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