India hub’s work on violence against children recognised by UN

Promoting effective child participation

Children face and experience violations of their basic human rights that we know from our work in the region as well as the secondary sources. However, these issues are always identified and documented by adults and there has been a significant gap in including reflections from children to understand the child rights violations that they face from their perspective.

We’re pleased to share that a case study on our work in India on prevention of child marriages through children and youth-led strategies, has been published in a special report from ‘The Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, United Nations’ titled:

When children take the lead: 10 child participation approaches to tackle violence

As quoted by the Office, “this analysis of 10 child participation approaches aims to support child rights practitioners in their efforts to promote effective child participation. The ultimate goal is to unleash the positive power of millions of children who want to safeguard their right to a world free from violence. The case studies examine child participation experiences related to different forms of violence, spanning initiatives driven by governments, international organizations and civil society.