The Big Idea

What’s the Big Idea?

Transforming education and tackling climate change are interlinked; but world leaders are just not getting it.

Education is crucial to tackling the climate crisis, by helping communities adapt to the impact of climate disasters and transition towards green livelihoods and economies. At the same time, climate change is already having a serious impact on children’s education and this will only get worse. Tackling the two crises together is crucial.

Young people understand that action is needed now, but so far, those with power are failing to pass the test. Time after time, summit after summit, it’s the same old approach; a mediocre, status quo outcome resulting from fatigue or an unwillingness to approach these questions in new ways. 

Enter The Big Idea. This initiative will bring young people together to innovate and create strategies to make the world sit up and listen. Strategies that won’t take no for an answer, bringing together the creativity and passion of young people and partners from around the world to engage those with power, driving forward their vision and ultimately winning change.  

The Big Idea: Africa

Are you an activist or changemaker interested in tackling climate and education challenges?

Join our Big Idea Africa event for an intergenerational conversation attended by young people and experts from all across the world. The event will be delivered as a workshop and will be space for ideation, discussions and coming up with creative ideas of ways to engage decision-makers.

Date: 9th December 2022

Time: 1 pm GMT


The sessions will be facilitated and co-facilitated by one older person and a young person with vast experience on climate change and education challenges. 

Expected Outcome:

  • Share the opportunities and challenges to get decision-makers to sit up, listen and take action on the education and climate change crises
  • Strategise together about what a Big Idea to drive progress on the climate change and education crisis might look like.
  • Have an opportunity to network and partner
  • Connect to the global Youth Collective and find out how to stay linked to The Big Idea as it develops

What’s YOUR big idea?

Do you have an idea for how we can get power-holders to sit up and listen about climate and education?

Submit your idea.