Our supporters mean the world to us.

They make it possible for us to work with hundreds of thousands of young people to solve the biggest challenges of the day, from our work reducing unemployment and poverty, ending child marriage or stopping AIDS, to mobilising crisis responses during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, the Nepal earthquake and COVID-19.

It is in our core organisational values to be accountable, professional leaders. We create mutually beneficial partnerships with each of our supporters, designed on their personal interests and challenges young people face across the globe.  

Family Philanthropy

Many of our supporters invest in Restless Development because they believe in the leadership of young people, having seen it grow within their own family members. We offer opportunities for the whole family to be part of our partnerships,  where young family members can learn about development and their role in it as a young philanthropist, including connections with specific projects which they can visit on trips to our work in Africa and Asia over time and bespoke personal development activities and workbooks to reflect on their personal journeys and learnings.

Power Shifting Philanthropy

Philanthropists and experts networking at our Power Shifting Philanthropy event in 2020

Power Shifting Philanthropy is an approach to giving that places those leading change in their communities at the centre of decision-making and prioritises their voices and agency. We are leading thought in this area and are growing our network of philanthropists who are opening up conversations about shifting power, feminism and solidarity through giving. Read more about shifting power here.

Always Restless

Mwila, a former Restless Development volunteer business woman and community savings group leader from our Lets Grow Our Wealth programme in Zambia

Once Restless, always Restless. We are lucky to have a fantastic network of past and present staff, trustees, volunteers and supporters who know the power and potential of the young people we work with will be the key to solving the world’s biggest challenges. If you’d like to support, you can donate here.

Philanthropy in Action

With your support, young leaders are training their peers in business skills, advocacy and leadership.

Before I did not know how to develop a business. I can now find a way to feed my family

Alusine, Sierra Leone

Read his story

Personal Partnerships

Our supporters are a cherished part of the Restless family and we value not only their gifts but their expertise, advice and shared experiences with us as partners in our work. Our partnerships are personal and marry our supporters’ motivations for giving and interests with our values and youth leadership approach. We build partnerships so that our supporters have meaningful connections with young people and can witness first hand the impact we create together. We are able to offer trips to see our work in person, meetings with inspirational young leaders from around the world as well as with our staff leadership, events, stories and more.

We would love to talk with you more about this and answer any questions you may have.

Please get in touch with Giulia Vallocchia, our Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships to start the conversation, by emailing .