Our Get Up Speak Out! project team speaking with Mick from IP Integration, one of our corporate partners.

Corporate Partnerships

We work with our partners to achieve
youth-led change on a bigger scale.

We couldn’t exist without our dedicated corporate partners. We collaborate with businesses from a diverse range of industries that align with our values and vision. 

We take pride in our award-winning partnerships which are personal and tailored to each company we work with.

We believe in the power of mutually beneficial relationships. Whilst you allow us to support young people around the world to drive change in their communities, we help you to unite employees, develop emerging leaders and build purpose-driven brands. 

In addition, our partners can reward their most-valued employees with an unparalleled trip of a lifetime to see our programmes in Africa and Asia.

Staff Engagement Package.

An effective charity partnership will bring your employees together, reduce your training costs, save you time and make your organisation a better, more holistic place to work. 

Improve staff retention and loyalty – effective charity partnerships can reduce staff turnover by 50%

Attract the best talent – statistics show that 80% of millennials want to work for companies that give back

Improve company culture and morale by encouraging collaboration between different teams around a shared goal

We will provide you with a bespoke partnership plan and calendar of activities, deliver engaging workshops to your staff, and give you the chance to reward your employees with a visit to see our programmes in Africa or Asia.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that partnering with a charity gives you back more than what you put in. Our giving something back factor is now one of the top ranked in The Sunday Times Top 100

Kate Brunning, Head of People and Culture at Virtual1

THRIVE Programme.

We want to create a partnership that will change the landscape for young leaders in your company and in the world’s most vulnerable communities. This partnership will provide an exceptional development opportunity for your emerging top talent. 

The programme will see staff become:

More active global citizens through pro-bono and fundraising support

Develop skills in project management, cross-cultural working, commerciality, communication and marketing

Deepen employees’ commitment and develop confident well-rounded leaders

My experience with Restless Development in Uganda showed me my true leadership potential. I moved department and am now one of KPMG’s key core skill trainers.

KPMG employee from a previous Restless Development CSR initiative 
Our corporate partners, IPI and Virtual 1 with project staff from our Get Up Speak Out! project in Uganda.


We have a growing portfolio of fundraising and awareness-raising events in the UK and across our global network. Our sponsors help make this a reality.

Through our partnerships we generate compelling PR and marketing opportunities for the companies we work with, reaching new audiences and networks, all while supporting young people to achieve positive change in their communities.

Check out our flagship event, The Knight Frank Schools Triathlon, which has raised over £3.4 million for Restless Development and other charities since its creation.

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