Girls Leadership Programme

Entrepreneurship skills for livelihood improvement.

Girls Leadership Programme under the Mercury Phoenix Trust was established in 2021 targeting 1,345 youth (347 Males and 998 Female) between the age of 15-24.

The programme was introduced to feed the gap in the current GRREAT project under UNICEF funding where adolescent girls receive training on life skills and sexual reproductive health education. During the programme training sessions it was discovered that adolescent girls were in need of entrepreneurship skills as livelihood plays a great role in their lives.

Girls Leadership Programme aims to improve financial security and resilience of marginalised women and people through enterprise development. The programme provides women with a value proposition that will increase knowledge and address barriers of access creating confidence in ownership and utilisation of economic resources.

Girls Leadership is implemented in Mbeya Region (Mbeya City and Mbeya District) funded by the Mercury Phoenix Trust.