RewirEd Creators have been sharing stories about problems in education

Meet The Creators

Six content creators from around the world are using their storytelling skills to connect with young people, fix education in their countries, and hold decision-makers responsible.

Clement Ngosong is a young changemaker whose mission is to inspire and empower other young people. He is interested in youth leadership and youth civic engagement through capacity building programs and volunteering opportunities. As a changemaker, he identifies community problems and seizes the opportunity to build a solution to take creative action and solve social his community’s problems.

He is one of the top 50 finalists for the prestigious Global Student Prize 2020, an award by the Varkey and Chegg Foundation. His work with young people has been widely recognised and he has received awards from the European Union, The MasterCard Foundation, The Melton Foundation, Global Changemakers, The Clinton Foundation, among others.

Deborah Sabinus is a young ambitious leader who aims to make an impact one step at a time. She is passionate about helping young people attain skills they need for assessing opportunities and development.

She is equally passionate about women inclusion and representation. She is a social media creative who uses the power of story-telling to advocate for change who loves to volunteer. She has volunteered with both local and International organizations such as Nigerian Red Cross, 360 awareness, we make change, iAscend, ONE and Care2people.

She became a Commonwealth leader and Women-at-risk-foundation campus ambassador in 2020. She is currently a global youth ambassador for Theirworld.

Gertie Cameron is a 19-year-old British activist and advocate for youth empowerment and quality education. She is interested in learning about the theories and methods of education, communication, and management, and wants to pursue a career in developing a sustainable, relevant, and holistic education system that puts young people in the best position to enter both the workplace and the world.

Himanshu Kumar is a youth advocate and theatre artist from Jharkhand, India. He is currently working with HCD Exchange as Programme Management, M&E Associate of Youth Leadership Hub. He also works with a film production house on short films, documentaries, ad commercials. He is also a youth researcher and served as Youth Accountability Advocate of Restless Development. He holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Nandini Tanya Lallmon is a social justice activist adopting a decolonial perspective on LGBTQIA+ rights as African Union Youth Charter Hustler for Mauritius. As a Fellow at OutRight Action International, she advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights and harnesses the international law system to protect LGBTQIA+ people from religion-based violence.

Through the #Reform53 campaign, she lobbies against discriminatory laws on behalf of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network under the Royal Commonwealth Society. In her role as Community Leader for Internet Health at Digital Grassroots, she leverages the power of traditional and social media to create learning, dialogue and development spaces.

Yasmein Abdelghany is an award-winning young leader working in Peace, Education and Sustainable Development with many regional and international organizations. She was chosen by the Danish Ministry of foreign affairs and Copenhagen business school as a young Egyptian researcher.

She is a speaker at United Nations International youth day,  author at United Nations international conference and organizer and content creator at the World Youth Forum. She aims to help youth worldwide get a better education and future.