Financial Inclusion for women, youth and people living with disabilities.

Restless Development Zambia Hub Director Ms. Chanda Chisenga and Ms. Betty Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer of FSD Zambia signed a partnership agreement amount of £850,000 for the implementation of a project that aims to provide financial inclusion for women, youth and people living with disabilities.

The “Tusunge Lubono Project translated as “Let’s Grow Our Wealth” will build greater financial inclusion for over 10,000 women, young people, and people living with disabilities, as well as their households in order to reduce their vulnerability and increase income opportunities.

Restless Development Zambia Hub Director Chanda Chisenga(far left) with FSD Zambia Executive Director Betty Wilkinson(in the middle) at the signing ceremony of partnership agreement.

Through this financial inclusion project, Restless Development Zambia, will implement gender transformative trainings, couple’ s savings groups and financial literacy trainings to improve the utilization and consumption of digital financial services and products as well as maximize financial inclusion opportunities through partnerships, networks and linkages.

Restless Development will support young women and girls, including those who are out of full time education, to gain financial literacy skills and to access appropriate youth-friendly and gender equitable financial services. The trainings will also help participants to learn the skills necessary to pass on what they have learnt, creating a chain of education and opportunity.

The three-year project will be implemented from 2022- 2024 in three provinces across five districts and 10 communities.