‘’Life is all about learning, the lessons we get are never wasted. Every twist, turn, and learning happens for a reason which lifts us.’’

Abhipsa Pradhan is a 23-year public health graduate. She was inspired to join Restless Development Nepal’s Youth Take the Lead Programme after noticing that most young people in Nepal do not have a good understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

This realization prompted Abhipsa to advocate for the central role of active youth engagement in sustainable development efforts around the world.

The young generation must learn about SDGs so they become aware of global problems and ways to find sustainable solutions.


“Learning about SDGs helps young  people to find solutions and identify issues affecting their local communities, countries, or even the whole world.”

Meaningful Youth Engagement.

Youth Take The Lead, promotes meaningful youth engagement practices in CSOs and youth leadership among stakeholders in Nepal. During her time as a volunteer, she acquired training on SDGs localization, Gender Equality, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

“This project allowed me to meet fascinating people with incredible talents. I have built lifelong memories and formed strong bonds and relationships with the team, which I will treasure for the rest of my life. It has aided my personal and professional development. Little changes and learnings have a big impact on our thinking, careers, and lives.

Advocating for Young Voices.

Far too frequently, young individuals like Abphisa are finding themselves excluded from meaningful discussions. Their voices remain unheard in platforms where decisions are made, even though the majority of the world’s youth are eager to contribute to productive and purposeful lives and take the lead in community initiatives, managing small enterprises, and reshaping political dynamics.

With the training provided by Restless Development Nepal, Abhipsa has actively engaged in policy advocacy in Nepal, making sure that youth issues take centre stage on the policy agenda. Additionally, she has played a crucial role in creating a knowledge document that highlights best practices in gender inclusion and youth-driven social entrepreneurship. This document is currently being utilised in three Restless Development hubs in Tanzania, Zambia, and Nepal.

Young people need to advocate for the changes we want to see and influence the policies and laws that govern society. I am very proud that my Youth Power was able to influence policies in Nepal.