Meet the new Youth Power Panel

Eight Panelists from eight countries, uniting to deliver the Global Goals.

When the COVID19 pandemic began in 2020, we had just 10 years left to achieve the Global Goals. 10 years to achieve 17 goals – our best hope of changing the world for the better.

Two years later, our challenges have become even tougher. But young people are moving forward and leading change. 

Introducing our new Youth Power Panel.

The Youth Power Panel is a collective of young people from all over the world challenging power dynamics, and championing inclusion, accessibility and accountability. For the next six months, they will campaign and support other young people to help make sure leaders are delivering their promise to achieve the Global Goals.

I want to work for a world that includes young people as an integral part of decision making by capitalizing on the unique features young people bring to the table.

Md Ragib Rakesh, Youth Power Panelist from Bangladesh

As a climate activist from the Caribbean region, I want to see more people join, collaborate and get involved in our campaigns in order not only create more impact, but also to achieve the Global Goals. I want to build a safe space where every single person including young people can enjoy their rights and realize their full potential.

Adelin Pierre, Youth Power Panelist from Haiti

The High Level Political Forum.

Together with the Youth Power Panel, we are gearing up to a major United Nations event happening in July: the High Level Political Forum. The event is a chance to keep pressure on leaders to deliver the goals. It’s a chance to share youth voice, youth demands and youth action. 

As countries and their leaders really begin to plan their roadmaps beyond the pandemic, we must force them to take action on the blueprint already laid out in the Global Goals. We must make sure they know and support the actions of young people already delivering the goals. 

Meet the previous Youth Power Panel

In 2020, a 12-strong Youth Power Panel came together from all over the world. They stood in solidarity with other young people during the pandemic; campaigned for the Global Goals; and helped hack solutions to our biggest problems.

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