Natalie Robi

Past, Present, Futures: Intergenerational Resilience Across Beijing+25

Thursday 24th September, 18:30 UTC

Successes led by young feminists and the women’s rights movements have played a critical role in galvanizing SDG5 (Gender Equality) and the Beijing+25 platform. This official SDG Action Zone side-event will bring together speakers across generations to discuss what we need to build a resilient and intergenerational gender equality movement to achieve the Global Goals. 

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We will bridge the knowledge between earlier feminists from Beijing 1995 and emerging young feminists today to jointly reflect on the past, present and what needs to be transformed to move forward into the future. Restless Development believes that young people are experts in their own right and their leadership is critical for leading the movement for gender and sexual rights today. 

Natalie Robi Tingo, Director, Msichana Empowerment Kuria, Youth Power Panel Member.
Natalie is a youth & women’s advocate, girls rights activist, founder & executive director of Msichana Empowerment Kuria is a women-led community based organization in rural Kenya. She is passionate about girls’ rights to end poverty and reduce inequality by addressing Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. Natalie has been a girls rights activist for 8 years now during which she has mobilised more than 50,000 community members.

Coumba Toure, Movement Coordinator, African Rising
Born and raised between Mali and Senegal, Coumba Toure is a writer and storyteller. She publishes children stories and organizes art events targeting children’s minds through Falia. She also designs popular education programs with a focus to impact women and children. Coumba is the chair of the board of TrustAfrica and Aci Baobab and the co-coordinator of Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity. Coumba is a loving mother, a sister, and a daughter to many.

Ena Zafar, Youth Accountability Advocate
Ena Zafar is a Human Rights Activist working with a broad range of Organisations. She did her post-graduation in Human Rights and Duties Education. She contributed as a researcher in a report Titled ‘Dismantling India’ that put together by a team of distinguished experts, the study complains about the failing economy, rising unemployment, atrocities against minorities which was published as a book in 2018. Ena is a Youth Accountability Advocate for Restless Development India taking part in landscaping, policy mapping, and creating action plans.

Natasha Harris-Harb, Youth Engagement Advisor at United Nations Girls’​ Education Initiative (UNGEI).

Ledys Sanjuan Meija, FRIDA Fund

Ledys is a digital activist and specialist in feminist international political economy from Bogotá, Colombia. She coordinated international volunteers in a youth collective in Hebron, Palestine recording human rights abuses and founded the first Latin American activist school, a collective of digital activist that use popular education to train more activists in digital and campaigning skills throughout the region. Currently, she lives in Bogotá where Ledys spends her time writing and reciting poetry, practising kundalini yoga, training women’s self defense, and cuddling her cats.

Hosted by
Abel Koka, Restless Development and Youth Task Force member for Generation Equality 

Abel Koka is a project leader of the Tutimize Ahadi project at Restless Development in Tanzania and is a member of the Beijing+25 Youth Task Force. Mr. Koka is passionate about community development. His position at Restless Development has motivated him to ensure the full implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5. Mr. Koka plays an active role in ensuring women’s and girls’ empowerment in his local community and beyond.