Strengthening Accountability, Building Inclusion

We support young people to collect data and drive community-centred change.

We work with young people to collect data nationwide about service providers in education, health and social services present back their community-specific findings, and hold sessions with communities to understand their rights in relation to these areas. These young people then support communities to monitor, feedback and engage with service providers supported.

Communities are able to take the lead on demanding better and more transparent delivery from service providers. There is also an innovation fund which supports innovative ideas to address local issues through local solutions, led by communities themselves.

The SABI Community-Led Project Making Change in Maborie.

“Sourcing funds from the authorities to improve school infrastructure has always been a major challenge as the people in Maborie community mostly depend on subsistence farming for their livelihoods. But now 12 years of inaction has been overturned by the power of youth leadership.”

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