Power Shifting Checklist

Power shifting

We’ve created the Power Shifting Checklist to guide the work that we do and to help others that want to ensure all young people have the power to lead.

Power Shifting Checklist poster
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1. Prioritise Youth Leadership

  • Trust young people to lead from the outset.
  • Support youth-led organising.

2. Prioritise Safety & Happiness

  • Protect the health and safety of young people.
  • Support youth happiness and wellbeing.

3. Train, Support & Resource Young Leaders

  • Plan Ahead. Provide and resource tailored inclusive training and support to all young leaders.
  • Compensate fairly. Ensure no young person is doing unpaid work, or is out of pocket due to their commitment.
  • Fund locally led youth groups and organisations.

4. Be open, dynamic and accountable

  • Learn. Invest in monitoring and evaluation and build a culture of learning.
  • Ensure Dynamic Accountability. Let young people participate fully, be transparent and provide a continuous feedback loop.

5. Intentionally Shift Power

  • Recognise Intersectionality. Acknowledge that everyone has a unique experience of discrimination – and be intentional about removing barriers for every young person.
  • Let communities lead their own development.
  • Let young people be holistic leaders, to inform, influence and deliver their own futures.

6. Be Restless: Flex, innovate & create

  • Youth Power is not bound by existing systems or the status quo. Give young people the space to flex, innovate and create new ways to have impact.

Let’s shift power!

Partner with us and help shift more power to young people.