Make Education Work

Young people are demanding radical change to the education system.

In a fast-changing world, outdated teaching styles and a tired old curriculum are failing to prepare young people for the world of work.

That’s why, ahead of this December’s RewirEd summit, young people are calling on world leaders to #MakeEducationWork

With over a billion young people expected to seek work in the next decade and just 40% expected to find it, we need to act now.

By Us, For Us: Our Story

Our campaign story begins with the biggest youth-led study on global education since the pandemic hit – ‘By Us, For Us’.

Twelve young researchers from twelve different countries surveyed 3,294 young people from 70 countries across the planet.

They found an outdated education system not fit for purpose in a fast-changing world.

Now they’re raising awareness of their findings ahead of the RewirEd Summit this December.

By Us, For Us

Download the report.
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Key Findings

40% of young people say the biggest barrier they face is that education is badly aligned with work opportunities

Soft Skills are most important (31%) to young people to achieve their aspirations, followed by Entrepreneurial Skills (23%)

66% say they do not have the opportunity to organize themselves, to speak out or feel that they are not listened to by adults.

The pandemic exposed a digital divide. 91% of those without internet access at home felt their education was disrupted compared with 66% with reliable internet access.

The curriculum needs to prepare students for a more competitive job market.

Cristina, 23, Ecuador (name changed)


This December at the RewirEd Summit, young people are coming together to demand a better education system for all. They are calling for:

  • Education Restart Grants to help those most in need to catch-up on learning they missed out on during the pandemic
  • A new curriculum focused on practical skills that get young people ready for the workplace
  • A seat at the table in shaping education policy, with decision makers not just listening to young people but sharing power with them

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