Youth share COVID-19 response efforts

How are you coping? How are you responding? How are you and your networks getting through this pandemic together? These are some of the questions we discussed on International Youth Day,  at our 9th Youth Power Solidarity Meetup,  with more than 100 young people attending from over 30 countries across Latin America, Asia, Africa, and …

Show your solidarity on International Youth Day

This International Youth Day we want to recognise young people’s resilience in the face of this pandemic, how they’ve coped, how they’ve responded and how they keep adapting to uncertainty in their lives.

Youth worldwide discuss youth movements, past and present.

How can young people organise to deliver real social change? This is the question we asked ourselves, at our 7th Youth Power Solidarity Meetup with the Youth Power Panel on Wednesday the 29th July.  We discussed youth movements, past and present, and how we could make our organising, empowering, effective and decentralised.  It was a …

Youth discuss racism around the world and how to tackle it.

What does racism look like in different parts of the world and what can we do to fight against it? On Wednesday the 1st July, with two very special guests, Coumba Toure, movement coordinator from Africans Rising and Saye Joseph, advocacy manager from Black Youth Project 100, we gathered young people from around the world …

Response to merging DFID and FCO

Restless Development responds to the merging of two government departments in the UK: The Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).