Sharon’s Story

In 2018, Sharon embarked on her career journey as a Communications Intern under the Youth Internship Program (YIP), a Chemonics International initiative in partnership with Restless Development Uganda. 

Before joining the Youth Internship Program (YIP), Sharon had graduated from journalism school in 2017. During that period, she was at home without a job. To make use of her time and earn some money, she took up temporary work at a school and a hotel. Although she wasn’t satisfied with these jobs, they provided her with some financial support.

One day, Sharon came across an internship opportunity advertised in the newspapers by Restless Development Uganda for the Youth Internship Program (YIP). She applied, was called for an interview, and successfully secured the internship position. Since then, her career path has transformed significantly.

I chose the internship because finding a job as a recent graduate is nearly impossible. Job requirements and expectations are too high for someone with no experience, competing against candidates with 2, 5, or even 10 years of experience


Upon joining Restless Development Uganda, Sharon was determined to leave an indelible mark on the organisation, inspired by peers who had been retained after their internships. She resolved to work so hard that the organisation would not want to lose her.

Restless Development supported the interns extensively. Before placement, they underwent training on soft skills such as email etiquette, financial literacy, self-efficacy, time management, and effective execution of roles and responsibilities. Restless Development regularly assessed their progress, helping them set and achieve weekly goals.

Sharon at a booth at the Women Deliver conference in Kigali, 2023 showcasing essential items such as pregnancy kits, tampons, and other sexual and reproductive healthcare products, all part of a comprehensive health kit.

Interns were assigned coordinators at the Restless Development Uganda offices and on-ground supervisors at their respective institutions. These mentors worked together to ensure the interns’ growth. Sharon set personal growth goals, including learning photography, and her supervisors actively supported her in achieving these goals. She was encouraged to practice photography and was given opportunities to engage with communities, enhancing her skills through fieldwork.

My advice to young people is to seek internship or volunteer opportunities to break into the job market. Many professionals move between organisations because their work speaks for itself. As a recent graduate, embracing these smaller roles will help you gain experience and refine your skills, making you a more capable professional.


Sharon advises young people not to assume they will transition directly from university to a managerial role. However, she highlights the value of internships and volunteer opportunities, which can facilitate a transition into an officer role within six months.

Sharon moderating a session at the Women Deliver Conference 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda.

When Sharon meets young people, she emphasises the importance of treating every day like a job interview. By working hard and demonstrating their value, they can become indispensable to their organisations.

Sharon’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of internships, youth leadership and the importance of dedication and hard work in building a successful career.