Restless Development Uganda, in partnership with Care Uganda, held a training activity for over 40 health workers from Nakawa and Makindye Division in Kampala between 5th and 6th March. As an initiative of the SHE SOARS program, the training sought to address poor provision of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services to the adolescent and young people.   

Following a successful mapping and selection process,  a selection of health workers, health inspectors, authorities and other stakeholders were pooled together to offer diverse and influential guides in addressing service provision, inspection and peer-to-peer education by health workers in enhancing friendly and reliable SRH services to the young people.

The training was conducted by locally accredited Ministry of Health (MOH) Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) Trainers who spoke to a plethora of issues which include;

  • Safe birth control options for adolescents and young people
  • Barriers to access of SRH services by adolescents and young people
  • How to effectively deliver health communication
  • Health care hygiene
  • How to dispose of medical waste  
A trainer getting feedback from the participants during group presentations.

Participants representing different communities within slums, immigrant hot-spots and suburban areas were all given ample time to share their views through group presentations and illustrations. Diverse experiences and thoughts were shared in many ways of conducting SRH education and sensitization needed by the young people and adolescents. 

With health workers often acting as first responders in cases of sexual inquiries, assault and checkups, the training found it prudent that they should be the bedrock of knowledge on all things SRH, necessitating that they relinquish prejudice and adhere to the professionalism required in their line of work. The training deduced that it is not enough to seem to know about SRH, but to actually know it as thoroughly as possible due to the spontaneous nature of providing these services. 

As such, different methods, lessons and tips were shared by the participants during the training in a bid to boost the capacities of all the health workers present.

A participant showing the group how to teach female condom use to young people.

Also in attendance of the training was the Minister of Public Health, Hon Josephine Nasazzi Mulamatta. The minister adhered to the health workers to act with professionalism and love for service.

The Minister of Public Health, Hon Josephine Nasazzi Mulamatta, speaking to medical workers.

“As health workers, you need to love your patients and treat them with the care you would give to your loved one,” she said.  

Speaking to boosting patient confidence and safety with SRH services during intense and frightening situations, Buyinza Frederick, one of the medical workers in participation stated that,
We need to treat not only the disease but the person as well. We need to make sure they feel safe and heard in difficult times while they seek medical attention.”